Saturday, April 25, 2009

Could You Imagine Watching This?

A high school baseball player's errant pitch struck and killed the batter.

The dead boy's father is showing dignity and decency:

The father of a south-central Missouri baseball player who died after being hit by a wild throw said Friday that he doesn't blame the pitcher.

Mike Clegg said he hugged the Lebanon High School player whose pitch hit 16-year-old Patrick Clegg and told him it was an "absolute aberration" and a freak accident and he shouldn't hold himself responsible.

"I hope that that leads to him believing that he is going the right direction and get back out there and play the game, because that is what my son would tell him to do if he had the opportunity," Mike Clegg said.
Talk about a good man.


Donalbain said...

I have played in cricket game where the batsman was killed by a bowled ball. I have enormous sympathy for everyone involved.

Ellen K said...

What a sad, sad story. Kids aren't supposed to die playing a game they love. It's just not supposed to happen. And the father is the epitome of what a mature, sane, adult male should be. What an honorable man. That poor kid who threw the ball will never ever forget it, unless this family reaches out to let him know that they realize the freakish nature of this accident. We had a similar incident at a neighboring school a couple of years back. This time it was a pitching machine, but the kid controlling it was devastated. They say in times of crisis, you find out what people are really made of. This father is made of the best stuff. I will keep them in my prayers.

Darren said...

Parents are not supposed to bury their children.

MiddleSchoolSecretary said...

I hate stories like these. These freak accidents always freak me out as a mom. Dad was wonderful about it but his goodness will be rewarded with a lifetime of pain.

Darren said...

He's going to have a lifetime of pain, whether or not he demonstrated goodness here.

DADvocate said...

A real tragedy. Few people realize but baseball is a very dangerous game. It has the highest fatality rate for children 4-14 years old.I can't imagine the feelings to the father watching his son die.