Thursday, November 08, 2007

West Point Computer Geek Cadets Hold Off Attack By The NSA

From the web site of the Dean:

After vowing to come back and win after their 2006 loss, Team Black Knights not only beat all of the other service academies, but also the first undergraduate school to beat a postgraduate school (not typically scored against the undergraduate academies). To add to their already spectacular accomplishment, the cadets later found out that they were the first school, since the inception of the Cyber Defense Exercise, to complete the week remaining uncompromised by the NSA Red Cell. By the last day, the cadets were so confident in their network, they began leaving taunting messages for the Red Cell on the Black Knights CDX website and even went so far as to hold an after action report during the last hour of attacks from the Red Cell.

Well done, Army!


Anonymous said...

What an admirable title you've chosen.

Darren said...

I'm sure, anonymous, that you're genuinely concerned about the West Pointers referred to in the story. Yeah, take your sob story somewhere else.

Have you ever known a computer geek who didn't refer to him/herself as a computer geek? I haven't. I think the geeks have co-opted the term and are empowered by it. And you know me, I'm all about empowering--that's why I tolerate your puerile comments here, hoping someday you'll grow up.

MasonPiper said...

Although, in the interest of accuracy, are they geeks or nerds? Nerds being defined, by me, as those that live for what they can do for computers and geeks as they live for what computers can do for them. My step son has dream of attending the Academy(grades will keep him out for a bit) and is looking for a career in the military, already speaks French and Chinese, and is self teaching himself Russian, so he can have a chance, in his mind, of getting in...point he calls himself a geek and is proud of it. I sent this to him and all he said was way cool

Ellen K said...

I am trying to steer one of my truly terrific students to a service academy. He is EVERYTHING that Westpoint or Annapolis could want. I thought he was a senior because he is so well spoken and so cosummately poised. I actually spoke to him about this Thursday. And guess what his interest is-computer engineering and cyber security. I will definitely be sharing this story with him.

Darren said...

It would be great to have you as a recruiter, EllenK!