Friday, November 02, 2007

This Only Happens At The "Tolerant" Universities

You never hear stories of things like this happening at Brigham Young, or at Bob Jones University, or at similar "arch-conservative" schools.

NEW YORK - A second professor of psychology and education at a Columbia University school has been targeted with a symbol of bias and hatred, police said.

Elizabeth Midlarsky, who is Jewish, discovered a painted swastika on her office door Wednesday morning. Like Madonna Constantine, who found a noose on her office door Oct. 9, Midlarsky is a professor of psychology and education.

The Police Department's hate crime unit is investigating both incidents. No arrests have been made, police said.

I just love tolerance, don't you?


Anonymous said...

And nobody in the KKK gets harrassed by the KKK. What does that prove?

How many Jewish professors do you suppose there are at BJU and BYU?

Fill in the blanks:
At Columbia, ___ out of ___ professors are Jewish.

At BYU and BJU combined, ___ out of ___ professors are Jewish.

Once you fill in the numbers, you'll have a better idea why it never happens at your favorite U's.

Darren said...

Typical move on your part, anonymous--subtly change the subject to a straw man you can tear down.

I don't know the percentage of Jewish professors at those two schools--but I notice you chose schools that are generally accepted to be run be religious organizations. I don't know how many Jews teach at St. Mary's or at Notre Dame, either, but that isn't the point.

Do you see such "hate crimes", to use a favorite liberal term, at those universities?

Tolerance, anonymous. Just like what I'm showing you now.

Anonymous said...

1. You chose the schools.
2. What--exactly--was your point? The schools you mentioned are intolerant by way of their institutional policies. OK, so you get a school of lock-step, "like-minded" automatons all marching to the same beat and they don't do "hate crimes?" There's no one around for them to hate! They are all cut of the same cloth. Homogeneous!

We happen to live in a diverse society. They keep "diversity" out at BJU and BYU, but that doesn't make America a different land. Diversity is what makes our nation strong, despite the intolerance practiced by a few.

Again, what was your point? A hate crime was committed in a diverse academic community. ...And? Is it just that you hate institutions of higher learning in general and pounce on anything that goes badly at one?

There was a hate crime committed here in Sactown at the dump. What's the pithy "conservatives are right" lesson we're supposed to learn from these incidents?

Darren said...

I chose "conservative" universities--it's you who says they don't have a diverse population.

I merely pointed out that places like the Ivy elites, so-called liberal/progressive schools, ones that wear their so-called diversity like a badge of honor (even though they have the most chilling lack of diversity in thought), are where these particular events took place. When they take place at BYU or BJU, you can bet that I'll mention them here.

Neko said...

I would like to disagree with something anonymous said. Diversity is not what makes our country strong. It is the shared belief in America that makes our country strong. We are a country composed of many different races, religions, etc but we can all come together as Americans.

The recent push for "diversity" has actually been weakening us as a whole. Instead of being Americans, we're now grouped and separated: African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc. (What are Whites now? Anglo-Americans?) We have to learn and accept the customs and traditions of other people, all while our shared traditions get pushed away, covered up or declared "politically incorrect." What this country needs right now is less diversity and more emphasis on all of the things that have brought us all together as one great nation.

Neko said...

(And if not White now, what about later?) ^_^

Anonymous said...

So you're going to hold out BJU and BYU as flagships of diverse thought? You can't be serious! I've been to Ivy-league schools and conservatives are quite comfortable there. They are in no danger of becoming endangered.

I wonder what the liberal groups at BJU look like?

But please, name your metric of diversity of thought and show me that BJU and BYU have greater dynamic range than the "Ivy elites."

Neko, what are our "shared traditions" that are being "pushed away"?

Your comment reminds me of Ronald Reagan's debate line line to Jimmy Carter, along the lines of "In the 1950s, America wasn't aware it had race prolem." Carter responded along the lines of, "If you were a Black American in the 1950s, you were very much aware of a race problem in America."

Darren said...

There you go again =)

You're veering off topic, anonymous, which is a common troll tactic when they want to make their leftie point no matter what. The topic is--these so-called hate crimes have occurred at "tolerant" campuses. Again, if you can show that such crimes happen at BYU, please do so. Or perhaps you're saying that such things only happen at "diverse" campuses, which begs the question of whether or not "diversity" is such a great quality if it leads to such crimes. What point *are* you making, anonymous, if you have one?

By the by, I'm *sure* conservatives are comfortable at the Ivies. We can ask Jim Gilchrist, Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, ROTC programs, and Mike Adams how welcome they feel at such universities--and how welcome the student organizations that invite them are.

Anonymous, you're so rabid that you're in danger (yet again) of not making any sense. Since I'm sure you're somehow leading to how this is the President's fault, treatment for BDS is down the hall and to the left.