Friday, November 23, 2007

Still Hiring Teachers

Well over 2 months into the school year, and one local high school is still hiring teachers to replace the substitutes that have been teaching the students since school started. One commenter to the linked article states that an additional problem is that school administrators were shifting the substitutes every 20 days to avoid having to pay them more as "long term subs" in a specific class.

Despicable. Deplorable. Unacceptable.

Another commenter, though, brought up an interesting point--why aren't teachers lining up to teach at that school?


Ellen K said...

I would agree that it is a bad situation for students to have a long term sub, or a series of subs for a class. This is especially true in critical core classes that are tested through the state. Many times, certified teachers in math, science and other disciplines can make more money working in the private sector-and by that I don't mean private schools. In other cases, the schools themselves have such sorry support for their faculty that word gets around and teachers will work fastfood rather than get roped into a bad or dangerous teaching situation.

Mithrass said...

Sounds vaguely familiar to the school in which I teach. Still have 3 positions open, thankfully being filled by the same sub since DAY 1 of school. Because we were a "D" school last year we are unable to hire any first year teachers, oh yea, many candidates are turned down because they are not of a certain race (not making this one up here, reported to me by the principal due to not having enough minorities on campus as teachers).

Darren said...

Well, duh. Obviously you have to have teachers of the "correct" race. I have to ask, though--are the substitutes of the "correct" race?