Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Property Rights

I strongly believe in property rights, and honestly believe the Kelo Decision will eventually join Plessy vs. Ferguson and Prohibition in the Pantheon of Injustice in Democracy.

This story, however, still surprises me. Interesting that it happened in the Peoples Republic of Boulder. Do these "your property is mine" stories take place in conservative areas, or just ones where liberals rule the roost? I'd be curious in an answer, because I genuinely don't know.

Update, 12/4/07: Here's another version of the same story.


Ellen K said...

I don't think it's a political issue per se, it's a power issue. We had similar serendipity with the new shrine to the Dallas Cowboys. I will spare you the details, but the mayor, a Dr. Cluck (yes I know, funny name...) managed to steamroll through a proposal that removed Dallas from competition for the stadium, and use political fiat to condemn property for a commercial venture AND on top of that insult, has managed to tax Arlington homeowners for covering the bonds. Sure, they have a Super Bowl bid and maybe a Final Four, but how often do those kinds of things come along? So here's Arlington TX, which voted down mass transit, voted down more support for police, but in the meantime basically stole people's land to build Jerry Jones a new playhouse. And these are all "good conservatives". Like I said, just a power thing.

Phyllis S said...

Power and money-neither side is immune to it.