Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kids Today Know So Much

Photon Courier has an interesting take on that topic. See the post entitled Thanksgiving and Temporal Bigotry.


Eric said...

Some of us grow out of the idea that we know more than previous generations. Others, I'm sure you know, do not.

Darren said...

We know different stuff.

allen said...

Probably some shmuck got a hold of one of those charts that shows the doubling of human knowledge every X years which means quite clearly that a highly-educated person of one hundred years ago knew practically nothing since so little was known.

Now the sum of human knowledge is so great that even a complete ignoramus must possesses simply fabulous amounts of knowledge.

Eric said...

Agreed. We do know different stuff. But I wonder if anything were to happen, human created or otherwise, how many of us could take said "stuff" (myself included)and be able to, as I have heard it stated, "live off the grid". How much of our knowledge is truly practical.

P.S. - Thanks for stopping by and for pointing out the error (as I hang my head in shame) in my Thanksgiving post. (please don't tell my students :) )