Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bush Derangement Syndrome

This piece explains BDS rather well.

But Bush hatred is different. It's not that this time members of the intellectual class have been swept away by passion and become votaries of anger and loathing. Alas, intellectuals have always been prone to employ their learning and fine words to whip up resentment and demonize the competition. Bush hatred, however, is distinguished by the pride intellectuals have taken in their hatred, openly endorsing it as a virtue and enthusiastically proclaiming that their hatred is not only a rational response to the president and his administration but a mark of good moral hygiene.

It's ok to disagree with policies or even to dislike the President, but the extremes some people go to are excessive (even for the word "extreme"). Put simply, BDS sufferers don't come across as rational.


Ellen K said...

I think this goes hand in hand with the "troofers" and their willingness to accept any fairy tale put forth by a politically acceptable source as fact. Thus, the idea that 9/11 was an inside job is acceptable because Rosie O'Donnell-lesbian, liberal and proud of it-says so. Likewise, Global Warming is "fact" because Al Gore says so, in spite of the numerous professionals that deal daily with climate and weather who state opposition. It's the Greening of America and not in a good way. It's the Green Party platform, subsidized by the Workers Party, an arm of the communist come to life. Say the Big Lie, say it loud and often and make it drown out any opposition. This is free speech? I think not.

allen said...

When you're looking for evidence that you're an intellectual titan, something you've already decided is a fact, standards of evidence are a hindrance. Bush, as the most powerful man on earth, provides the best contrast to ones own intellectual gigantism.

He also provides a highly-visible rallying point. Hate Bush? You're in the club.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Some Politicians seem to attract either side of the spectrum. See "Reagan".

I never hated the former President Clinton, or even the spouse.. I could probably like him personally, if I had met him. But I definitely disliked the Clinton brand of politics. Same for the UFO Spotter.

We need to get this "hate" of our leaders out of the way.