Monday, November 12, 2007

Bjorn Lomborg on the IPCC

I've mentioned Danish leftie vegetarian Bjorn Lomborg before and now I'm going to mention him again. Bjorn (may I call him Bjorn?) has written a piece for The Telegraph, and as you might expect it contains some tasty tidbits:

This week, the United Nations' climate scientists will release a major report synthesising the world's best global warming research. It will be the first time we've heard from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since its scientists won the Nobel Peace Prize with former US vice-president Al Gore.

The IPCC's Assessment Report will tell policy-makers what to expect from man-made climate change. It is the result of rigorous and painstaking labour: more than can be said for the other Nobel Prize winner. The difference between Gore's claims and IPCC research is instructive.

While Gore was creating alarm with his belief that a 20-foot-high wall of water would inundate low-lying cities, the IPCC showed us we should realistically prepare for a rise of one foot or so by the end of the century. Beyond the dramatic difference, it is also worth putting that one foot in perspective. Over the last 150 years, sea levels rose about one foot - yet, did we notice?

Oh, there's so much more. Go read the whole thing.

Update: But wait, there's more!

John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, gives his (quite strong) opinion about the reality of global warming. Coleman joins 'a pioneer of hurricane research', Bill Gray, and 'the father of climate science', Reid Bryson, on the list of eminently qualified people who don't buy into the climate change drivel.


Ellen K said...

I guess Al's mommy never read him the story about the boy who cried wolf.

allen said...

Maybe she did and the lesson he took from the story was that crying wolf is fun as long as you don't get gigged for doing it. I think he was old enough when he became VP that he didn't have to learn from the Clinton's that the only crime is being caught, and convicted.

Just so a crucially irrelevant item of information isn't overlooked, Lomborg is, along with being Danish, a vegetarian and a former Greenpeace member, gay. These unimportant factors should bear on his credibility, and would, if only he'd say the right, convenient things. But he doesn't.

Just the sort of thing that reaffirms my faith in humanity.