Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Thinking Blog

It's quite an honor to have two fellow bloggers identify Right on the Left Coast as a "thinking blog", one that makes them think. Why else would I want someone to read what I write?

The idea started here, and Mrs. Bluebird was the first to nominate me thusly. Now I'm supposed to identify 5 blogs that make me think. That required some effort.

You see, I read dozens of blogs a day. Many I find downright informative or enjoyable, but that doesn't mean they necessarily make me think deep, intellectual thoughts. Which do? These:

Photon Courier
Going to the Mat
Joanne Jacobs
Classical Values

There are others, but some of them have already been nominated.


Eric said...

Wow. I really am honored. Thank you!

Darren said...

No, thank you.