Thursday, February 08, 2007

How Are Things Going In Iraq?

Here's an interesting story about the last 48 hours of the surge, including links to releases from the multinational forces' web site.

Update, 2/10/07: Let's talk recent history for a moment. Rather, let's talk about attempts at revisionist history. Then let's shoot those attempts down. Quoting Instapundit (see blogroll at left):

JOHN HINDERAKER: "The current flap over the Pentagon Inspector General's report on Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans has embarrassed the Associated Press, the Washington Post and, if he has any shame, the Inspector General. The controversy does have the merit, though, of raising once again the issue of the relationship between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda and other terrorists." They've got video from 2000. If nothing else, it blows away the revisionist argument that claimed connections between Saddam and Osama originated with the Bush Administration.


Texas Truth said...

Of course the mainstream “liberal” media will not report this. It is not in their interest.

If the truth does not further their agenda of liberalism and denigrate the conservatives, they will ignore the truth, make up their stories, and report it at the truth.

Please feel free to stop by my blog and post comments on any of the topics. All posts and opinions are welcome, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Eric Warburg said...

"Al Qaeda, you are our bitches!"


Darren said...

Eric, where did you read that? I didn't see it anywhere--not even in the comments--in the post I linked to.

E-d (with a hyphen) said...

Oh, It's in there. (The Jawa Report link)

Darren said...

Ah, I didn't link to that. I'll only claim credit for that which I link to.

Thanks, E-d.

Signed, Billy Heenie.