Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Giving Teachers a Bad Name, Part 2

In this recent post I expressed exasperation that a fellow teacher would call into a radio talk show and say something that makes all teachers look bad.

This morning I heard a commercial on the radio. Here's the script:

Mom: I’m looking forward to Kevin going into Mrs. Todd’s class next year.
Dad: She’s a great teacher, but that won’t be happening.
Mom: Why not?
Dad: She’s retiring at the end of the year.
Mom: Oh, let’s hope they find someone as good as her. (boldface mine--Darren)

Voiceover: I'm Barbara Kerr, President of the California Teachers Association....

Wouldn't you think that an association representing teachers, one that tries to convince the public that its members are professionals, one that lauds the academic prowess and teaching ability of its teacher-members, one whose members teach children grammar (among other things)--wouldn't you think such an organization would use proper grammar in its commercials?

Update:Replaced my recollection of the script with the actual script shown on CTA's web site.

Update #2, 2/12/07: I heard the commercial again this morning. It has now been corrected to say "let's hope they find someone as good as she is."

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