Wednesday, March 22, 2023

There Seem To Be A Lot of Sickos In Education

I have no desire to know what my students do sexually, or with whom they do it.  I can see no benefit to possessing that information, it's not my place to know it, and it's nothing I can impact, so why would I need to know it?  Worse than knowing it, it would be wildly inappropriate for me to ask about it.

Similarly, there seem to be teachers (just watch Libs of TikTok if you want to see them!) who have plenty of interest in ensuring their students know about their sexuality or antics.  Why do kids need to know that, especially about someone who's essentially a stranger?  

I can understand these parents' concerns regarding their middle schoolers:

Parents in Boston are outraged after a middle school issued a survey to students asking explicit questions about sexual activity and gender identity, according to reports.

Boston’s Eliot K-8 Innovation School principal Traci Griffith told parents in an email last Thursday that she had received “many concerns” regarding the “Youth Risk Behavior Survey,” which was given to students in sixth and seventh grade, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The 54-question survey —  which was voluntary and anonymous — was administered by Boston Public Schools and included questions about sex and transgenderism as well as suicide, drug use, bullying, weight and exercise.

I wonder what possible value the district would get from giving a survey about sexuality.  I understand that Massachusetts students generally do better than the average US student on standardized tests, how are Boston's students doing?  Is the district teaching them readin', writin', and 'rithmetic?

Outside of health class, the education business needs to quit spending so much time on teenagers' genitalia and focus on the task at hand.

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Randomizer said...

Remember how useless the Center for Disease Control was during the pandemic? Disease control is difficult, so now they spend their time writing intrusive surveys for children.

The “Youth Risk Behavior Survey” comes from the CDC. Take a look, at the CDC Standard Middle School Questionnaire. It looks very similar to the survey referenced in your post. The CDC has several versions, and the high school version has more sex stuff.

My questions are:

Why is the CDC doing this?

What does the Boston School District get out of spending the time on this survey and taking most of the flak for creepy questions?