Thursday, May 06, 2021

Wokeism Is Racism

It's hard to disagree with this excerpt:

Wokism rejects character and life’s complexities and subtleties. It places humans in boxes and categories based entirely on their race, not the content of their character or the actions they take. It rejects even the possibility of redemption. Wokism doesn’t allow for an individual’s character to matter at all. It’s segregationist, not unifying.

Wokism explicitly rejects and abandons both (Dr.) King and the Declaration’s self-evident universal principle that we’re all equal. This can’t be said enough. Wokism is racism.



Ellen K said...

If you've ever had a baby, you know that watching them learn to sit up, crawl, walk and then run is a painful process you cannot do for them. They have to learn to balance on their own. This is the fallacy of helicopter parenting, which has created a generation of kids who believe they are incapable of coping on their own. This attitude makes them more than willing to accept that entire demographic groups are unable to achieve without someone making excuses for their failures. This is a path to mediocrity and we're well along it now.

Auntie Ann said...

I know this sounds utterly far-fetched and implausible, but have a friend who is literally still spoon feeding her 8 year old. I was shocked. She said, if she doesn't feed him, he won't eat. I said, "so?!" He'll eat eventually! I pointed out that her job is to take her kids from being helpless babies to being self-sufficient adults in 18 years, and she's not helping him. There are a lot of crazy parents out there. How did the generations that survived the Great Depression and two World Wars devolve so quickly into what we have now?

Darren said...

We got too comfortable.