Saturday, February 23, 2019

Travel Difficulties

Everywhere I've ever traveled, the most I've ever needed is a passport.  Well, that's not entirely true; when I was on a cruise stop in St. Petersburg over 3 years ago, merely to get off the ship and go on a tour required a visa (that took about 10 minutes to obtain after standing in a long line).  But I've never gone anywhere that I even considered might require a visa.  Then I saw this list.

There are several countries there that are on my "go to eventually" list, including Nepal, Australia, Madagascar, Jordan, and Vietnam, that require visas from American travelers.

Given their proximity to the Emirates, I was surprised about Qatar and Oman.  Brazil and India were also somewhat of a shock.


Anonymous said...

Visa requirements are often retaliatory diplomatic measures. If the US requires visas from Brazilians (and it does), then Brazil is going to demand visas from Americans. Travelers are merely pawns in battles waged by state departments/ministries.

lgm said...

Jordan issues visa at border when you show up. Bring cash or take chances on ATM being stocked. Very easy.

Darren said...

Anonymous: While I'm sure you're correct, it seems a bit of "bite your nose to spite your face" to me. And lgm--I understand that's the case for several countries. Australia?

Auntie Ann said...

My brother got married in India, and I had to get a visa for that trip.