Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obama Administration to California Dept of Education: Screw You!

Obama loves the money his campaign can raise here, and he loves the electoral votes, and he loves his popularity, and he loves our high taxes.

He doesn't like our schools, though, or our elected officials:
California has been denied a waiver from federal sanctions associated with the No Child Left Behind law, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said in a news release Friday.

"It is disappointing that our state's request – which enjoyed such strong support from parents, teachers, administrators, and education advocates across California – has apparently been rejected," Torlakson said in a statement.
Those who thought that NCLB was a way to privatize our schools, well, you were wrong. It might be a way to force the state, or maybe even the feds, to take them over!

I especially like the comment, as I type this it's the only one, after the article:
Maybe CA should let ALL schools be taken over by the state. Let the state fix them. Let the state figure out how to get the non English speakers up to grade level since Brown and the Dems are so hep on treating all illegals like citizens. Let the state figure out how to make all the poor, under achieving students go to school everyday and study without parental involvement. It seems they believe it's the teacher's responsibility to get all the kids to school everyday, do their homework, and behave themselves at school.

Shoot, we're feeding them with tax dollars anyway. Why not force the teachers to be their parent too.


maxutils said...

Of course, one of the amusing things lost in this is the fact that CA set standards higher than were required by NCLB -- and was oh so proud to do so. So now, we can't meet the markers we set for ourselves, unrealistically, and we come crawling to the Feds for a waiver . . .and, just for fun . . .what was that section of the Constitution which granted the Federal government the power to have ANY say in education?

Ellen K said...

Funny how difficult it is to reach those benchmarks when the people holding the pursestrings actually expect you to achieve them. It will not be long before we see a two tier level of education-public education which will encompass the feelgood programs for the seriously disabled and for those who have language or learning deficits, and special selective programs for those few students who actually want to achieve. Where is the "fairness?" I am sure at some level there will be an attempt to takeover schools and run them all directly from Washington. Good luck on that.