Monday, October 20, 2008


Reader Kelvin invited me to participate in this week's synchroblogging, in which several bloggers all post on the same topic. This week's is "I'm Usually in a Good Mood or Being Myself When...."

So without further ado:

I'm usually in a good mood (or being myself) when...

1) ...I'm soaking in my hot tub. I've admitted to myself that I'm reached the point where I'm firmly middle class, not just in values but also financially, and shortly after moving into my house I bought a hot tub. I love a good soak. Now that the weather's getting cooler, it's even more of a treat--hot water enveloping me, steam rising to keep my face warm against a cool breeze. It's even better when I get to share the experience with someone.

2) son and I watch shows together. It's just the two of us, so we often eat dinner on tv trays and watch a tv show or dvd. Often we watch dvd's of long-past tv series, which can be interesting. He's in 7th grade; I'd love to watch Parker Lewis Can't Lose with him.

3) ...when I travel. For me, travel isn't just vacation time. No, it's also learning and adventure time. Search the first week of the August 2008 archives here and see how I spent my week in Cancun--it wasn't sunning at the pool or the beach, that's for sure.

4) ...I spend time with a certain friend--but that friend isn't in my life anymore, so I guess I don't get to have a #4.

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

Hot tubs are nice - just have to be careful because of the whole "raise your blood pressure" temporarily.

So I suppose rum & Diet Coke are strictly off-limits in the spa!

Darren said...

Not strictly, but I don't drink much--and certainly not at all when alone.

Kelvin Oliver said...

I am almost watching television all day and throughout the week if I am not doing homework or on the computer. I have traveled once, but I would love to go on another vacation and just enjoy the rest of the country.