Friday, October 10, 2008

CTA Dues Rebate

Within the next three weeks I'll receive a check from the CTA. If you're a California teacher, or a union member in any other non-right-to-work state, you could get one, too--read on to learn how.

First off, you must resign from the union. Then you must request a rebate of all dues money not spent for representation purposes; detailed information on how to do so, along with sample letters, can be found at the web site of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, here.

You need only resign once but you must request the rebate each year. If you do so by September 30th, CTA will refund your money by October 31st. If you do so by November 15th, CTA will refund your money before Christmas. My rebate checks amount to about 1/3 of my annual union dues--it's nice to get a check for over $300 right before Christmas. And it's sad to think that they're spending that much of dues money on things unrelated to worker representation.

Update, 11/4/09: Here's an updated link to replace the one above.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Darren
My union last year elected its first new president in over 15 years a few months ago. The incumbent was a good man but I felt we needed some house cleaning and one thing the new guy guaranteed was independent accounting of the finances of the union. Well he has lived up to that and we’ve found a few major “oh-oh’s” like:

1. There was money missing from the rent account of some of the office space we lease in our union building. Now that the investigation is pending we have two officers and union officials currently under indictment (and they department has suspended them) for embezzlement.

2. One major thing that annoyed many of the officers was ten of our union officials got take home 30K plus SUVs…and my dues pays for the gas and everything else. I agree with the attorney’s getting take home rides (they are on call 24/7) but they have Ford Taurus’. Our President, VP, Treasurer doesn’t need a union paid SUV to go home with…and I don’t need to be paying for his gas.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the Camilla Letter from the girl in Folsom?

California Teacher’s Association Responds to “Camilla Letter”
Board Member Jim Rogers responds directly to student letter with abrupt condescension, sparking local outrage

In a letter questioning CTA choices in this matter, Folsom High School student Camilla X, wrote to CTA officials protesting their use of teacher funds and received this shockingly worded reply from CTA/NEA coordinator, Jim Rogers….and this is a direct quote:

“Thanks, Sweetie, but it’s over for now. And it’s really none of your business.”

Anonymous said...

This year I will be receiving $489.01 from the CTA and NEA rebate. 31% of CTAs revenues from dues are refundable because they are considered "non-chargeable". Most of that $ goes to political campaigns, etc. A whopping 56% of the dues are for NEA "non-chargeable" amounts. WOW! No wonder the unions are so powerful and can put anyone in office!

Unknown said...

Does anyone here know what percentage of Substitute dues are paid for representation? I am currently paying a flat amount EVERY month I work that amounts to 1/3 of my daily rate. There are some months I only get assigned one or two days, so this amount is proportionately CRAZY HIGH! I would like to resign my CTA and SCTA membership and request a rebate, but I'm also considering resigning altogether if the rebate is going to be miniscule.

Darren said...

As you point out, it's a flat rate, not a percentage. The rebates, however, *are* percentages of what you pay, so it *would* be a miniscule amount.

Why are substitutes represented by the *teachers* union, anyway? Seems a conflict of interest for the union, at least to me. See