Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rent A Protester To Protest Capitalism For You

Renting protesters. Renting protesters. The mind boggles.

Reminds me of the union which hired non-union, unemployed people--at less than union wages!--to protest outside a Wal*Mart near Las Vegas. Also reminds me of the Wisconsin story about the group that paid sub-minimum wages to canvassers whose job it was to convince voters to, among other things, support an increase in the minimum wage!

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Anonymous said...

I knew about this seven years ago. When my daughter was in middle school she would buy Seventeen Magazine. One day, bored and desperate for something to read, I started reading it. There was a whole center spread article about a girl who went to Seattle as a hired protester at an economic summit. She met other hired protesters and learned job skills such as using Vaseline under her nose to prevent pepper spray burn and how to go limp when police tried to move you. I am sure the FBI has film files with facial ID's that they know the regular protestors. What I wish would get out is how many of them there are and what a totally made up situation many of our "serious protests" have become.