Saturday, December 08, 2012

School Board Considers Overturning Stupid Policy

Six months ago I wrote about the teacher who was fired because he refused to comply with a stupid policy, namely that students would not earn a zero for assignments not submitted.  My take on the story was that the policy was stupid, but it was the district's policy--and the teacher, an employee, needed to follow it.

Turns out that the times, they may be a-changin' already:
Just months after a teacher was fired for giving zeros to students who didn't complete their work, the Edmonton Public School Board is proposing making zeros part of their official policy.
So what happened to the teacher?
After he was fired, Dorval, 61, was hired by a provincially accredited private school in Edmonton, where the headmaster said he would be free to hand out zeros.
Good for him!

Sometimes, Mark Twain's thoughts on school boards are right on.

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maxutils said...

Mark Twain is usually right. What does one give an assignment that doesn't exist?