Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Remember when, over a decade ago, the price of computer RAM was a serious discussion?

A problem in my stats class today got me to thinking about this.  Remember when, back in the 90s, RAM hit that magical price of $100/Mb, and that was a big deal?  It was a tremendous milestone at the time.

Just for giggles, when the question came up today, I decided to use it as a teaching point.  I went to Amazon and typed in "PC RAM" and the first one that came up was 4 GB for $19.99.  That's half-a-cent per MB, down from $100/MB less than a generation ago.


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Shannon Severance said...

I remember when Atari shipped the first computer with 1MB that cost less than 1000 USD.

"The 1040ST was the first personal computer shipped with a base RAM configuration of 1 MB. When the list price was reduced to $999 in the U.S. it appeared on the cover of BYTE in March 1986 as the first computer to break the 1000/megabyte price barrier."

Wikipedia, Atari ST