Monday, December 24, 2012

Jury Duty

Back in October I was scheduled for jury duty, but since I'm a teacher (students are allowed to as well) I was able to push my service date out up to 90 days so I could serve during a scheduled break.  I stated on the form that I'd be available the week of December 24th.  A couple weeks ago I got a new jury summons for that (this) week.

The instructions were to call or check the web site over the weekend to see when my group number would be needed.  When I checked on Saturday the site said that my group would not need to go in on Monday morning, but should call or check at 11:30 to see if we'd need to go in at 1pm.  I checked a little early, and here are the new instructions for my group:
Your group is not needed. Your service is complete. You do not need to check back. Thank you for making yourself available to serve as a juror.
Not complaining!


KauaiMark said...

Probably all the judges and lawyers are off for Christmas/New Years break while the perps spend the holidays in jail.

Darren said...

Everyone settles/plea bargains.

allen (in Michigan) said...

If you should be called again you could start shouting "guillotine!", "guillotine!", during the voir dire and you probably won't have to serve.

Just a thought.

Mike43 said...

I just wear an old Rush Limbaugh tie. Worked twice already. Well, I also mention I was a unit commander in the military and adjudicated offenses under UCMJ, Article 15. That seems to get defense lawyers to strike me off.