Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Lessons Are We Allowing These Students To Learn

If they're going to act like children, holding their breath until they get their own way, we should reinstate the principle of in loco parentis--and then swat them on the butt and send them to bed without dinner:
Following a noontime rally Tuesday, University of California, Davis, students spilled into an unused campus building, saying they intend to occupy it around the clock.

The students entered the building that formerly housed the Cross Cultural Center shortly before 1 p.m. The building will take the place of a tent encampment as the center of operations for the campus Occupy movement, said student Artem Rafkin.

"We are going to be permanently occupying it," Rafkin said.
Good lord, are there any adults in Davis?


Anonymous said...

And how much does the administration at UC Davis get paid? Figure out the cost of renting the building and take it out of the admin paychecks. Why should we pay for the heat and upkeep? The world has too many spineless bastards in charge.

Darren said...

While I agree with your last statement, why, exactly, does that entitle *you* to take over that building? Or do just want to replace those bastards with your own bastards? You sound *entitled*, but you're not.

Anonymous said...

No, my point is not pro occupation. In fact, I'm as anti occupation as you can get. My point is that the enablers should pay for it. Stop the enablers, stop the problem.

Darren said...

Clearly I misunderstood--glad that's cleared up now.