Thursday, January 26, 2012

School Choice Video By Juan Williams

“A Tale of Two Missions” – a film by Juan Williams and Kyle Olson – tells the story of competing cultures in American education through examples from Chicago.

While the fight for school choice rages across the nation, perhaps no better example exists than that of the Windy City. Traditional alliances are breaking down. Both political parties are pushing for education reform and expanded school choice. The status quo is under attack, because most reasonable people understand that thousands of Chicago students are trapped in failing schools.
There's a clip at the link.


mazenko said...

States should begin with open enrollment policies on a statewide basis. Couple that with a strong charter system and innovation status in large urban districts, and you're on the right track.

Of course, with all that a considerable percentage will not exercise choice and will remain in neighborhood schools that need strong leadership but can't be expected to perform at top or even average levels.

That's a reality.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Oh, good find!

Let's get out the trumpets and announce another defector from the ranks of the defenders of the inherently gawdawful public education system which only rises to mediocrity as the exception.

Horrifyingly enough this film may actually make a Rahm Emmanuel fan out of me.

OK, maybe not but on this particular topic, we're buds.

Ellen K said...

At one time Chicago was cited as one of the most culturally divided cities in the nation. If you go to Chicago, you will find that despite the appearance of equanimity, it is a city that is largely divided by race and region. Chiccago's public schools are a monument to the problems wrought by the devils brew of teachers' unions and special interest groups. The special interest groups have enriched themselves at the expense of the public. The unions have enriched themselves at the expense of the students. Everyone suffers. So if Juan Williams wants to investigate Chicago, he's welcome to it. Better men have tried and come away with the reality that everything the Democrats have taught them was wrong. BTW, Rahm's now the defacto head of the Chicago public schools. I am sure that will help....