Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oftentimes, Mockery Is Deserved

The TSA thinks a cupcake is a security threat? Well, behold the new "TSA-compliant" cupcake!

They are buffoons, and deserved to be mocked as such.

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Anonymous said...

At the Pittsburgh airport, one can buy rubbing alcohol and lighters at a drug store past the check point. Grab some salt from the McDonalds right near the drug store, and you could salt out the water in the IPA to ramp it up to a very flammable 99%. Spray on a passenger or flight attendant and light.

The TSA is nothing more than security theatre. If you want real security, look to how Israel does it. Not only are they good, they are so much more polite than the TSA. When I was flying out of Israel, I was treated like an actual human being, not some cattle.