Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama Kisses 200,000 Potential Jobs Good-bye

What is the motivation behind not approving this Keystone XL pipeline? If the argument is "green", consider this: that oil is going to be drilled, transported, and refined, and it will be refined either in the United States or in China. It will be refined. If your argument is environmental, wouldn't you prefer to have the refining done in the United States, which has much stricter environmental standards than does China?

I just don't get this guy.

Update: Canadian Ezra Levant says that Obama chose Venezuela and Saudi Arabia over Canada, and notes that Venezuelan "heavy oil" has a higher carbon footprint than does Canadian oil sands oil.

And why should it matter that he chose Saudi Arabia over our closest ally and biggest trading partner?
After improving with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, U.S. favorable ratings across the Arab world have plummeted. In most countries they are lower than at the end of the Bush Administration, and lower than Iran's favorable ratings (except in Saudi Arabia)...

While many Arabs were hopeful that the election of Barack Obama would improve U.S.-Arab relations, that hope has evaporated. Today, President Obama's favorable ratings across the Arab World are 10% or less.

Obama's performance ratings are lowest on the two issues to which he has devoted the most energy: Palestine and engagement with the Muslim world.
And that's not me saying that, boys and girls. It's from a Zogby poll taken for the Arab American Institute in 2011. Usually I wouldn't care if people in those countries love us or not, but if you're going to bash President Bush and say that as President you'd do a better job of getting them to love us, and as President one of the first things you do is go on the Great American Apology Tour, and then you fail and they hate us even more, your failure should count against you--and I'm happy to point it out.

This president is a buffoon.


Ellen K said...

Darren, I don't know what to think either. Frankly I think he's being run by someone from overseas because he surely has not demonstrated he has the welfare of the American economy in mind.

Just these points make me seriously wonder about him.
1. KeystoneXL-it would have created construction jobs initially, but monitoring and refinery jobs down the line. Those workers would buy things and pay taxes in those states. Plus, we would see the cost of oil go down lowering the cost of goods and services. Now the Chinese will get the 40% allotment we used to import. The Chinese will also probably fund refineries in western Canada. So that would mean American refineries would get less business and provide even fewer jobs and less tax revenue. Everyone wins except us. Again.
2. Corn ethanol-it costs more in energy and water to produce the stuff than it saves. It's corrosive and requires special handling. Plus it's a human and livestock food source. With this year's drought, farmers and ranchers are already slaughtering herds. They need corn feed to survive. Breeding stock is being butchered. Down the road that means grossly higher costs of all animal food products-meat, poultry, pork, dairy,eggs. So this in turn would force Americans against their will to become vegetarians.
3. Shell Oil analysts were already predicting five dollar per gallon gas by the end of the year. Cut the Canadian sources and that date comes sooner. But Obama doesn't care about higher gas prices. He said he wanted European levels to wean Americans away from driving so much. Never mind that this will escalate inflation for every good transported or manufactured or every service rendered. Never mind that while urban dwellers can take mass transit, that's not an option in Abilene or Tulsa or Ft. Smith. So as we in the flyover states lose our jobs, our homes, our future, Obama will consolidate political power becoming what he's always wanted to be-a dictator.

Sorry I know that sounds apocalyptic, but this man gives money to people like Soros who spends it abroad to drill oil to sell back to us at a premium price. It makes me wonder where Obama's blind trust has placed his money. And that doesn't even touch on the dubious actions by Holder, by Franks, by Pelosi, by Reid, By Wasserman Schulz or any of the other clowns in charge. They are destroying this nation and the anger out here is palpable. I wonder if they are listening at all.

Sorry this is so long, but I have lost all hope. My daughter and her fiance are planning to move out of the country because they see no hope in marrying and having kids here. My sons may follow. What has become of our country>

mazenko said...

Because your cost-benefit analysis is different than his. That doesn't make either of you wrong. But your focus of 200K jobs with no downsides is only half the story. Machiavellian has a negative connotation for a reason.

Alan Guth said...

Where do you get your numbers?

TransCanada Corporation (TransCanada) (TSX, NYSE: TRP) today is pleased to announce a Project Labor Agreement for a significant portion of U.S. construction of the proposed US$7 billion Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion Pipeline Project (Keystone XL). The agreement will provide TransCanada with a capable, well-trained and ready workforce in the U.S. to construct Keystone XL. During construction, the project is expected to create over seven million hours of labor and over 13,000 new jobs for American workers. [TransCanada, 9/14/10]

Darren said...

More jobs are involved than *just* construction--someone has to house, feed, transport, entertain, etc.

You don't like my number? What number of jobs do *you* think were *not* created by this decision?

Michael said...

From what we've heard, you just need to follow the money trail. George Soros has invested in oil from Venezuela. Soros owns Obama. My gut tells me this whole issue is political, not related to the environment at all. This president doesn't care at all about US jobs, or easing the burden on Americans, or becoming less dependent on foreign oil. He's just intent on his re-election to further his agenda for the country.