Monday, January 02, 2012

Indoctrinating 3rd Graders

Anyone out there want to support this?
Virginia Elementary School Indoctrinating Third-Graders With Occupy Sing-Along: “They Want More Money, They’re The 1%. . . I’m Happy To Be Part Of The 99%”…
There's a teacher out there who needs some remedial instruction about how to treat other people's children....

Update, 1/3/12: The school district defends the performance of this song, claiming it was written and performed by students.
“They’re actually claiming third-grade children wrote these lyrics and chose the topic as well,” Weasel Zippers wrote. “Because what eight-year-old child isn’t obsessed with class warfare?”


KauaiMark said...

Had I still had children in school, I'd be in the admin's face about illegal political indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that song (or one very close to it) written for the children of the USSR in 1972?

allen (in Michigan) said...

Part of the purpose of every public education system is indoctrination. It's just too obvious a function for anyone with a political agenda to ignore. The only real question at issue is whether district policy perquisites were usurped.

Since the district spokesperson's defending the song it probably is a result of district policy so it's kosher.

It seems to me there are two solutions.

The first and most obvious is to elect a slate of school board members who would overturn the policy that results in left wing indoctrination substituting right wing indoctrination.

The other solution, which has gradually been gaining momentum around the country, is to create a class of public schools that are explicitly dependent on not overly annoying or alarming parents.

Ellen K said...

My son refuses to buy anything for his son from the Cars franchise because of what he said was egregious pandering to political ideas in the second film. Back when David the Gnome was on Nick I detected a definite political agenda and simply wouldn't let the kids watch. That's why cartoons are so boring. As for things like SpongeBob and such-what tripe-and yet it's filled with agenda. They've even ruined Sesame Street which was originally created to entice children and their parents to watch. I don't know even a kid who can stand the intense exposure to Elmo that SS now employs.