Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Apple Didn't Fall Far From The Tree

I like Matt Damon's acting, but as a person I find him to be, well, not a very intelligent person. Yes, I know he was accepted to some big Ivy League school but didn't go, but last year's foul-mouthed Save Our Schools rant should disavow anyone of the notion that he's a deep thinker. If you disagree, point me to some links demonstrating that he is a deep thinker. I'll wait while the crickets chirp.

Gotta give him points for insisting on ideological purity, though. Remember this the next time he (or any other leftie) talks about reaching out to people with differing viewpoints, finding common ground, etc.:
The actor Matt Damon and his mother, a professor of education, on Wednesday turned down an award from the country’s largest teachers union after reading an opinion article that the union’s president had co-authored with the founder of Teach for America.

Writing that she was “confused by your collaboration” with Teach for America, Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige said she and her son, Mr. Damon, no longer desired to be nominated for the National Education Association’s Friend of Education Award.
Hat tip to EIA.


Ellen K said...

Damon is typical of every Ivy League graduate in that he believes his degree came with a mantle of infallibility. I have yet to see one grad from Brown or Harvard or Yale or Dartmouth or any of the various sister colleges that didn't speak as if they were dictating the Ten Commandments to Moses. The only one I can tolerate, moderately, is Tommy Lee Jones because although I am sure he's a raving liberal (he roomed with Gore for heaven's sake!) he doesn't seem to feel obliged to cram his ideology down people's throats.

Jack Lacton said...

I reckon Mark Steyn called it right when he described Matt Damon as "the world's most boring spy". Can't say I've ever liked any of his movies but never had anything against him until his ignorant pronouncements on climate change and then education.

MikeAT said...


Another example of an idiot (Matt) who confuses intelligence with education. Just because you have an expensive education doesn't mean you really know a lot.

I just finished the Steve Jobs bio and one thing that made an impression was how he dropped out of college because he didn't see wasting his parent's life savings for something that wouldn't help him. Both men were successful in their chosen career path's. However I would argue Job's is much more intelligent than Matt and the world is better for the Apple founder's life. No one really is going to be better off for Good Will Hunting

mazenko said...

Yeah, but Good Will Hunting was amazing. Still is.

And I like Damon's commitment to the issue of clean water in the third world. He stays out of the police and gossip news and walks the walk of his convictions. Overall, a pretty good guy.

And Good Will Hunting rocked.