Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another School Paper Steps Into The Line Of Fire

All opinions are valued and respected, unless we disagree with yours:
A Wisconsin high school is in the middle of a free speech debate after they apologized for publishing a student essay opposing gay families who adopt children. School officials called the essay a form of “bullying and disrespect.”

The column ran on the editorial page of the Shawano High School student newspaper. It was part of an op-ed featuring a student supporting gay families who adopt children and one opposed to the idea.
Makes you wonder why they published the essay in the first place, doesn't it?

And seriously, if expressing an opinion, even an unpopular opinion, is now "bullying", then the term no longer has any meaning or usefulness. Like a Top 40 song that's been played too many times in the last hour, it's just been run into the ground.


Rhymes With Right said...

This situation is EXHIBIT A in the case against the new "anti-bullying" crusade. Dissent from the liberal orthodoxy now gets labeled as "bullying" and is subject to censorship and punishment. If this continues much further, then Tinker v. DesMoines becomes noting but a dead letter.

And since that schools are now reaching out to punish off-campus speech on the internet, the day has arrived when students won't have to shed their liberties at the schoolhouse gate -- they will be denied them 24/7/365 by overzealous school officials out to stop favored groups from having their feelings hurt.

Happy Elf Mom said...

I can see both sides of the issue. It's best not to allow essays in SUPPORT of gay marriage/adoption, however, if they will also not allow disagreement with that stance.

This is a big problem I have with the so-called "Alliance" group at our school. They post things like "Gay- fine by me" signs all over school. All signs must be approved by administration. No way they would allow "Gay is not OK" signs all over... I honest to gracious felt intimidated during my brief visit with all the propoganda. Only imagine the children of conservatives and how they feel. It is a hostile environment.

Steve USMA '85 said...

Interesting. Shawano High School is my Dad's Alma Mater and the school of many of my relatives even to this day. I'll have to ask them all about it.

Mind you, that area is about as conservative as it gets. My family and all their friends who still live in the area STILL have a bad taste in their mouth from FDR's programs. Talk about holding a grudge.

Rose said...

Isn't the point of debate to present both sides of an argument?

Darren said...

One might think.

Anonymous said...

Debate? What debate, it has been decided. One side = good, the other = bad, hateful, bullying.

James said...

I think "bullying" is becoming Newspeak for "politically incorrect". Average Americans were starting to chafe under political correctness so the Left repackaged it as anti-bullying. This could explain why a phenomenon that's as old as mankind is suddenly getting so much attention. It's brilliant, really. What decent person would support bullying? And it's for the children, after all. You can get away with anything if it's "for the children".

Notice how modern day "bullying" seems to disproportionately involve Liberals' favorite obsessions like race or sexual orientation. Don't bullies pick on nerds anymore? If not, I was born 20 years too early.