Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Can't Ride On The Gravy Train Forever

Eventually, as Margaret Thatcher says, you'll run out of other people's money:
Hundreds of thousands of British teachers and civil servants went on strike on Thursday in the opening salvo of what could be months of widespread industrial action over planned pension reforms and austerity measures.

Echoing protests across Europe against spending cuts imposed to reduce budget deficits, the strikes closed many schools, as well as a small number of courts and other public offices, while thousands joined rallies in cities and towns across the country.


socalmike said...

With this, the Greek riots, and what's happening in our own country, I wouldn't be surprised if we're seeing the "death" of statism around the world. People are finally getting it - you can't spend other people's money and expect to have prosperity. It doesn't work.

Darren said...

The problem is that the Greeks are rioting because they want to continue sucking at the government teat--unsustainability be damned!