Thursday, June 02, 2011

Why Do We Need A New Law To Restate The Old Law?

It's already state law that California's K-12 schools can't charge for courses, materials, participation in athletics/cheerleading, or just about anything else. I've written about this so many times that I even have a special label (illegal fees) on the topic. So what gives here?
California’s K-12 schools have been charging fees for certain classes, sports and clubs, a practice the state Assembly has voted to end.

Democratic Assemblyman Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens said Thursday it is unconstitutional to require students to pay for books, lab equipment and art supplies, among other fees.

His bill, AB165, passed 50-17 and goes to the Senate. It also prohibits schools from making such payments a prerequisite for joining teams or clubs.
Why do we need a new law, since this has *always* been the law? If people weren't following the old law, why do we think they'll all of a sudden obey the new law?


Curmudgeon said...

I'm with you, even to the extreme of AP textbooks. I think that AP books should be covered by the school and we should allow the students to take them away with them and write in them. They are investing a great deal of time in the course. The least we can do is give them a $100 book when they're finished.

Ohr Taylor said...

I think that the sports teams, clubs, and groups like this, a variety of which i participate in, are following the law. They don't actually charge students to do it. But once you are doing a sport, let's say football, you are suddenly bombarded with an entire system that, without money, would be impossible to navigate. They require cleats, uniforms, summer conditioning programs, and so many other things. Although one could get the hand-me-down cleats, and the jersey from 4 years ago, and try to work out on their own. They are ostracizing themselves immediately. Not to mention that they won't get "points" with the coaches, which effects playing time. Club's don't charge a fee, but they want you to buy a T-Shirt to wear at events. And then there are, of course, SAT classes, AP books, and the variety of other things meant to help students succeed. But really everything costs something to the students.

Darren said...

I know you tire of hearing this, but what you described (hand-me-down jersies, etc) worked just fine back in my day. People did, however, buy their own cleats, I remember that.

The playing time argument, though, is so sick as to be criminal. Any coach who would do that....

SAT classes aren't part of the curriculum so that's OK.