Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Should We Teach In Schools?

Besides the 3 R's, of course:
Our educational system has let us down. Instead of trumpeting the skills it takes to take risk and start a business, they focus on social justice. There is no better social justice than providing a paying job for someone else.

In the social justice web, it’s not just a paying job-but a “living wage”. This again turns the American Dream on it’s head. The market determines how much your skill is worth, not an overarching regulation. If your skill level is ditch digger, you get paid as a ditch digger. Not everyone can be CEO. But, American educators act like everyone has the skill set to be a CEO.

Everyone might acquire the skills if they started teaching them correctly.
I don't have an entrepreneurial bone in my body. My skills lie in helping others make money; I see inefficiency as easily as others see colors. But I'd rather be taught about entrepreneurialism than so-called social justice.

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mrelliott said...

The schools should be giving kids the skills to:
1. work
2. contribute to society
3. move on to college this order.

What we have is:
1. go to college
2. go to college
3. work
10. contribute to society

Maybe if we focused on entrpreneurial, vocational skills in the schools, our society could support its college graduates by giving them jobs when they graduate.