Monday, June 20, 2011

What A Condescending Idiot

Check out this comment on an article questioning whether ed schools give out too many A's (or, if the work is just too easy):
It makes perfect sense to me that students in the Education Department of a university would have the highest GPAs because they are being taught by trained educators. I would expect the lowest GPAs to be among the math and engineering students because mathematicians have still not figured out how to teach math.
I'd like to think the commenter was being facetious but given the signature (MS, MEd) and other similar comments on that same article, I think the commenter was sincere.

And that's worse.

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Rhymes With Right said...

Good grief! As you and I know, some of the worst teaching in any university comes in the college of education, where the latest "research-based" fads are pushed by the profs, while in the academic departments the professors generally adhere to tried and true teaching methods that have the virtue of actually working.

I think back to my days at my university -- I had a number of profs who were nationally recognized experts in their fields. All were instructors in required classes. One gave tests over material not covered until after the date of the test. Another launched politically-motivated diatribes about how opponents of unions and supporters of vouchers (as well as registered Republicans) were unfit to teach at least once a week. A third showed Phylis Schlafly videos as evidence of white racism and an ancient Bill Cosby routine on racism ans an example of enlightened thinking on race relations. Indeed, the first bit of advice i got from my student teaching supervisor was "forget everything you heard in [Redacted] Hall.