Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wal*Mart and Target

I know plenty of teachers who won't shop at Wal*Mart, for various and sundry reasons (all of which have to do with Wal*Mart's being something nefarious), and to a person, all of them state a preference to shop at Target instead.

I wonder if this will change things:
Left-leaning blogs are having a field day poking fun at Target’s anti-organizing video from 2003, apparently public for the first time. Crooks & Liars links to a transcript, while Salon went out and found one of the actors, who’s a member of AFTRA and the Screen Actors Guild.

(video here at the link)

Sounds like Target’s free ride from the broader union movement is about over.
Now, what is it again that's wrong with Wal*Mart? :-)

Update, 6/20/11: This story just gets better:
NEW YORK (AP) — Workers at a Target store in New York voted against joining the country's largest retail union Friday night, but the union said it would press on and broaden its push to represent the company's workers nationwide.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 also said it would contest the results and ask the federal government to order a new election, alleging that Target illegally intimidated workers. Target denied the union's allegations.


Left Coast Ref said...

Wow. and I thought they were only in trouble for their support of GOP candidates and "Anti-gay marriage" support.

This is all the more reason to shop both places (T and W*M) more frequently!!

socalmike said...

I would rather shop at Target because the stores are cleaner and the aisles aren't crowded with stuff. It's just a more pleasant experience, nothing more.

Darren said...

That's a legitimate reason. Some political "I think Wal*Mart is anti-union and Target sells unicorn poo-poo", well, not so much.

Ellen K said...

One of the areas where my kids and I differ is over Walmart. I do shop there sometimes, but feel somehow bad about it. The prices are better and the new stores are just as nice or nicer than the Target stores. I think it's the seeping down of negatives that leaves me with this attitude. My kids were unfortunately taught that Walmart was evil when they were in college. In my case I think it is the people who seem to shop there that cause me pause. I hate to sound bigoted, but it really bothers me that I can't find an English speaking employee after a certain hour on Friday.