Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Doesn't Give Me Warm Fuzzies

In how much jeopardy is my paycheck?
Nearly every school district in Sacramento County is now in financial peril.

Galt Joint Union High, Robla Elementary and Center Joint Unified school districts have joined Elk Grove Unified, Sacramento City Unified, San Juan Unified and Folsom Cordova Unified on the state's fiscal early-warning list released Wednesday.

That leaves only tiny school districts such as Archoe Union in Herald, Elverta Joint in Elverta, River Delta Unified in Rio Vista, Galt Joint Union in Galt and the county's Office of Education still able to balance their budgets for two consecutive years...

The number of California school districts in financial trouble has increased dramatically since March, with 30 percent more school districts joining the list.
I know what let's do. Let's raise taxes, create more business regulations, teach more social justice and less math and science, and cut teachers and counselors and nurses while district offices grow and grow!


Anonymous said...

Lets do that, but without the teaching less math, Darren.

Think about it :-)

-Mark Roulo

Darren said...

So you support the status quo!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to keep Darren employed :-)