Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The King's Speech

I miss my grandparents.

I've got one left, a 99-year-old grandfather. Still lives on his own, too! I love his stories. Grandma used to tell me stories of what it was like in the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma.

My nana used to tell me stories, too. She was born in 1918 in England, lived through the Depression and served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (a "women's branch of the British army") during World War II, until my dad was born. I grew up on nana's stories of World War II, so I've always felt some sort of kinship with that era.

That's why I couldn't go see The King's Speech. Every time I would look at the actors I'd say, "That's not George VI." It drove me crazy, just couldn't watch it. So long-time friend and RotLC reader MikeAT sent me the book, which I finished last night. Truly enjoyable.

I have a personal tie to the story. When I bought my house from my grandparents, I kept my grandfather's footlockers of pictures. Going through them once, I found a picture of someone I recognize immediately--it was Queen Elizabeth, the current queen's mother, who was the wife of George VI and queen during World War II. The mountie behind her convinced me the picture must be from Canada.

On the back of the picture in barely readable pencil is written "June 1939, Corbiel Ont". (click on the picture to enlarge)
I scanned the picture and sent it to Buckingham Palace for confirmation; after all, how could my poor family in Pennsylvania have come upon a picture of a queen? I received the following reply:
When The King's Speech got to the story of the royal trip to Canada in 1939, I read with rapt attention. I have my own little piece of it.


MikeAT said...

I still think you will enjoy the movie...no actor is perfect...Gregory Peck was not MacArthur, George C Scott was not George Patton...but Colin Firth, like those actors, earned his Oscar.

I'll probably start the book later this week...but I also bought the movie and have watch it again last weekend.

Bright side of being on your ass...you get to catch up on your books! :<)

Ellen K said...