Thursday, June 02, 2011

If True, Colleges Are Doomed

It's fashionable these days not only to bemoan the high cost of higher education but to suggest that fewer students should attend college--that at most, certificate programs at junior colleges are all that most people need. I've cautioned students against going to college for its own sake, or because they don't know what else to do, suggesting instead that they do a little "growing up" first and then, when they know what they want, they can go to college if they need to.

If this article is true, though, then all bets are off:

Colleges have abandoned responsibility for shaping students' academic development and instead have come to embrace a service model that caters to satisfying students' expressed desires.

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Ellen K said...

How is this a surprise to you? Your own blog is adorned by various examples of campus censorship under the guise of political correctness. When even Mamet, the playwrite, is forced to abandon long held liberal views and labels universities as socialist daycare, then the battle is over and we need to tear down and start over.