Monday, June 27, 2011

I Have An Interested Visitor From Iceland!

Welcome to my blog!

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I had planned to visit your beautiful country in August, but an injury will keep me from flying then. My quarrels are with Icelandair, not Iceland itself, and I hope to be able to visit next year--flying a different airline, of course, unless Icelandair changes its mind.


KauaiMark said...

I've had six visitors from Iceland so far.

One of the most unusual flag visitors so far was from "Faroe Islands"

(...about 1/2 way between Iceland and Norway.)

I hadn't heard of this country before FlagCounter

Happy Elf Mom said...

Hi, person from Iceland! Welcome to California! :)

Seriously, I wonder what search s/he was doing to land on your blog?

Darren said...

And over 1300 times, at that!

Joe Manausa, MBA said...

Hey Darren, I have had 6 visitors from Iceland since the article ... how many icelanders are there anyway? :)

Darren said...

300,000, a third of which live in Reykjavik and environs.