Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Almost Human

Starting at 4:46:
Counselor Troi: How do you feel?
Captain Picard/Locutus: Almost human.

Since getting home from the hospital after my skiing accident over a month ago, I've only worn two examples of "pants"--the baggy gray sweat pants seen here or a pair of blue basketball shorts. Tomorrow, though, will be different.

I'm going to school tomorrow. I promised my students I'd be back before finals to tell them good-bye and tomorrow is the last day before finals. I didn't want to wear either of those "pants" mentioned above, though, because while it's bad enough being an invalid, I don't want to go to school looking like I don't care enough to try not looking like an invalid.

At a minimum I need jeans. So I took a shower tonight and then got out my fat-boy jeans from last summer. It took awhile, but I got them on. I put the leg immobilizer on the outside of the jeans. OK, I'm going to have to sleep in these pants now, but I don't care. At least I can wear them. And a collared shirt. And shoes and socks, not the Crocs I've limited myself to since April. Yes, someone (either my son or my mother) will have to put the sock and shoe on my left foot, but that's just the way it's got to be.

How will it feel to wear "real" clothes tomorrow? Almost human.

Update, 6/2/11: It was so good to see everyone today. It always amazes me how much I miss them, even the knuckleheads.


Fashion conscious in Co said...

I read this and giggled. How cool that you went to see your students and how funny your concern about appearance. Hope it was fun!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say on behalf of your students: no modicum of respect would have been lost if you had worn the sweats but knowing all the effort you put into your appearance for us makes me respect you all the more. We miss you too. Despite the beatings (which to anyone else reading, is a joke, Mr. Miller is a great teacher).