Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Is Up With The Veterans Administration?

A dozen years ago, when my grandfather died, the VA told my grandmother that they were backlogged and wouldn't be able to get him a headstone for about 6 months. It took a call to my Congressman to get that corrected.

A few weeks ago I posted VA=Obamacare Foreshadowed?, discussing health care provided to veterans.

Today we learn that the

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is telling university officials nationwide there will be a six- to eight-week delay in processing payments under the new GI bill, citing a massive backlog of applications.

Way to take care of those veterans, VA.


neko said...

How about the 1,200 veterans that were wrongly told they had a fatal disease! All because of a data entry error.

But don't worry, the media is already working on a way to spin it. How about this headline:

Obama saves 1,200 veterans from fatal disease!

Mrs. C said...

I am concerned about that sort of "care" being the only choice Americans would get or worse, that we would get taxed on our "benefits" if we need expensive chemo, etc.

Also concerned that under a government health plan, somehow dissidents don't get very good care or... they're diagnosed with mental illness and sent far away.

PS How could the VA NOT see the "backlog of applications" coming? Surely it has an inkling how many people are being discharged in a given year and can take a good guess.