Saturday, August 08, 2009

Some Insight Into Me

I've been rewatching Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica (the new series, not the 70s camp), and a particular exchange between President Laura Roslin and Lee Adama struck home. She could have said the same thing to me.

President Roslin: "You are so hellbent on doing the right thing that you sometimes don't do the smart thing."

Lee Adama: "I will try and be smarter, and wronger."
I'd have replied differently.


Mr. W said...

I frakin' love BSG. Can't wait for The Plan. One bad thing is the wait between seasons...what was up with that?

Any thoughts on Caprica? I heard the lady that played Kat has joined the cast...but no one knows as who.

Darren said...

I don't get cable, so I have to watch everything on DVD or Hulu or something.

The pilot for Caprica was exceedingly interesting, but only made so by the last minute or so of the show. I'm not sure I'd be into the series near as much as I was into BSG.

I didn't like Kat as a character. It would remain to be seen if I'd like the actress' playing a different character, or if I'd just see Kat.

Mr. W said...

I still haven't seen the pilot of Caprica, still unsure about it. I didn't see alot of action, seemed more dramatic.

I am with you on Kat, her tough girl attitude wore out very quickly. It will be interesting to see if she plays a different character (sci-fi fans will eat them alive for it) or if she will somehow be Kat. I hope they don't do the Star Trek thing and have it be her grandmother or something like that...ugh.

Darren said...

It was all drama, no action.