Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Whatever is run by the government, almost by definition becomes political--those who have political pull get "more" than the rest of us peons:

Mayor Adrian Fenty on Thursday dodged more questions about the education of his sons, growing visibly angry as reporters pressed on how his twin boys gained entry into one of D.C.'s top-performing public schools.

Fenty, a resident of the Crestwood neighborhood, on Monday enrolled his 9-year-old sons, Matthew and Andrew, in the fourth grade at Lafayette Elementary School in Chevy Chase. The 615-student school is one of the most difficult to gain entry to for out-of-boundary parents, like the Fentys, most of whom must enter their children in a lottery and hope for one of the few available openings in each grade.

But Fenty has steadfastly refused to say whether he went through the lottery process, or enrolled his boys through some other means...

"Please just stop asking me these questions," he said.

Think about this whenever you start to think that government-run health care might be a good idea.


Henry J. said...

Thankfully, the Insurance Cartel's Health Care is a low-cost equanimity of equity and equality.

Darren said...

I've heard no one say the current system couldn't be improved. The democrats' and president's ideas for "improvement" are anything but.

This is *not* a binary issue, with Obama's plan on one side and the current system on the other. If you're implying it is such, then you don't bring much to the party.

allen (in Michigan) said...

What's really funny about the lefties who flail at the insurance and drug industries is that they've already signed on to Obamacare.

Like all businesses they try to cover all their bases. It isn't ideological, it's just business so if the Dems manage to push Obamacare through the insurance and drug industry will have already made a deal that they can live with just as they've done during the advancement of socialized medicine to now.

Henry J. said...

This from someone who's implying that some guy getting his kids into some oversubscribed school somewhere is a slam-dunk indictment of any yet-to-be-formed public health care option.

What, exactly, does that bring to the party? Fear and suspicion. And that's the old ploy used against every healthcare improvement to date. It was brought to bear (unsuccessfully) against Social Security and Medicare. We can only hope it fails as well in the current debate.

Don't get me wrong; I know it's an effective ploy. And the GOP is going to use it throughout the debate since they have little else to work with.

If only people would look to Ronald Reagan's alarmist campaign against Medicare and realize that such "end of America as we know it" rhetoric is as empty now as his was then. Maybe then we could move forward.

Superdestroyer said...

What the real story on Mayor Fenty is that the black mayor is sending his children to a school that is much whiter than the school in his neighborhood. What Mayor Fenty is trying to avoid is saying that an all white/Asian school is a much better place for students than an all black school.

Ellen K said...

Not only will political expediency decide your fate, but I suspect that research dollars will also be allocated on a political basis. So politically popular causes pushed by celebrities will get more money than the diseases that afflict the population.

Darren said...

Henry, you couldn't have typed that with a straight face, given all the examples in recent history of those in power getting away with things the rest of us don't. Friends of Angelo, anyone?

You don't have to like us conservatives, but if you're intellectually honest you'll have to admit that some pigs are going to be more equal than others in a socialist world. Heck, Orwell saw that decades ago.

allen (in Michigan) said...

No supe the real story is that the D.C. school system sucks which is why Mayor Fenty won't consign his kids to its tender mercies just as socialized medicine sucks which is why those with political influence won't consign themselves and their loved ones to its tender mercies.

Oh, and Henry?, what that "brings to the party" is the reminder that politicians are people and that if you want to know what they really think you should observe what they do not what they say which is why many politicians prefer to keep what they do conveniently private.

In the case of public education it's the formation of magnet schools where the politically powerful can be assured that their children are getting a much better education then the children of those without political influence. In the case of medical care it's the knowledge that the politician and those they love will not have to make due with the sort of medical care system that's good enough for the rest of the citizenry.

See how that works?

Henry J. said...
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Darren said...

Consider my blog the online version of my house. I'm not going to allow you to insult me personally here. Go back under the bridge if you're going to do that.

maxutils said...

The best indicator of how your kids do in school is how involved you are as a parent. That's why private schools perform better -- parents willing to pay extra make their kids do homework.