Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Press Actively Promotes Our Descent Into Fascism and Socialism

Oh, the difference a new President makes--with regards to media coverage, at least.


PeggyU said...

The physical attack on Kenneth Gladney by the SEIU is being glossed over ... and now they are also going after him to assassinate his character, similar to how they went after Joe the Plumber.

I don't really care whether he is a model citizen. He was exercising his right to peaceful assembly and free speech. The Chicago thugs have crossed a line.

mazenko said...

Descent into fascism and socialism? Come on, Darren.

Maybe you should slip in a few history and economics classes into your schedule.



Darren said...

I know what I'm saying. And I don't need to be talked down to, either.

mazenko said...

Sorry, Darren.

It was meant in good-natured, chiding sort of way. That was why I added the :-)

Just a little blogger banter.

Darren said...

Perhaps my skin has worn a bit thin lately, and the eyes too old to notice emoticons. I'll endeavor not to be so snippy in the future :)

Ellen K said...

If you search it, Ben Stein has a column detailing why he believe he was fired as a columnist for the New York Times. I guess the NYT has Ron Burgundy as head of HR because they fired him via email from someone he had never met and did not know. Staying classy!

Also, has anyone bothered to ask WHY union operatives should be so very concerned about passing the healthcare bill when unions are exempt from participation because healthcare is part of their contract?

Darren said...

I hadn't thought of that, Ellen. Excellent point.

Darren said...
If that isn't an example of what I was talking about, nothing is.

And covering for SEIU thugs is another:

allen (in Michigan) said...

If you're wondering why the SEIU would mix it up with people opposed to socialized medicine, from their web site:

SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America. Focused on uniting workers in three sectors to improve their lives and the services they provide, SEIU is:

* The largest healthcare union, with more than 1.1 million members in the field, including nurses, LPNs, doctors, lab technicians, nursing home workers, and home care workers.

Government unions are the only sector of organized labor that's shown any growth for a long time and the prospect of moving that sector into the government sphere has got to be awfully tantalizing to the union.