Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pay Off Your College Loans

I guess there's money to be made in this, or the company wouldn't do it:

New public, private and college-based programs are targeting a grim and growing market: unemployed college graduates who can't afford to repay their student loans.

This week, BridgeSpan Financial, a start-up based in Washington, D.C., introduced SafeStart, a product designed to protect borrowers from the risk of defaulting on their loans. For an upfront payment of $40 to $60 per $1,000 of student debt, SafeStart will provide an interest-free line of credit that borrowers can use to repay federal student loans for up to five years after graduation.

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neko said...

You mean that someone in a free market saw that there was a problem and a way to possibly make money addressing that problem, so they did?!?! But that can't be! We all know that Capitalism is evil and out-dated.