Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Local School Kitchen Health Inspection Results

The major Sacramento newspaper reports on the conditions found in the kitchens of local schools. The story is kind of personal for me, as the worst school is my alma mater--and conditions warranted closure of the kitchen until the problems could be corrected. The school at which I currently teach is also on the list.



Mrs. C said...

I am still not seeing why schools need cafeterias and kids can't all bring their lunches. It seems that would invite a lawsuit from someone who got sick from the food.

Anonymous said...

It also would decrease the whining from those people who don't like the menu choices, for a whole host of reasons. I say this as a parent whose kids all brought healthy, homemade lunches from home and ate them.

Of course, nothing will stop the whining from those people who say that poor people can't give their kids breakfast or lunch. Somehow the poor families in my school managed it. I don't buy that argument when I see "the poor" having cable TV, cell phones, ipods etc. and spending significant sums on lottery tickets, beer and cigarettes in the local grocery. It's a matter of priorities. If you don't want to take care of your kids, don't have them.

Ellen K said...

Free lunch programs are just another way of government controlling the districts. I know families that were on the programs due to unemployment, but never got off them for the remaining ten years their kids were in school. And that plays into eligibility for some "for need" scholarships. As to our cafeterias, the secondary schools are moving toward salad/taco bars, and other specialties rather than the staid typical fare. The main concern of my students is that they don't get much for what it costs and many of the boys are STARVING after lunch. None of our cafeterias were even close to failing the health dept. check. Thank God.