Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 2nd Day of School

It's only the second day, but still our new integrated management software (grades, discipline, attendance) and all our associated procedures are working smoothly. My student situation, teacher's aide situation, and student teacher situation are all nominal (in the aerospace and engineering sense of the word).

So far, so good.

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Ellen K said...

When these programs work, they are terrific. Unfortunately administrators are in love with software and never check to see if their existing network hardward can handle it. Consequently, my five year old district laptop is spinning in circles trying to upgrade to a program that it simply does not have the capability of handling. And we have lovely licenses for Photoshop which would be great for my advanced art students, if only the one working student computer in my room could handle it. I like technology for the most part. My administration insists that we use technology to post all assignments and due dates. Unfortunately, it does no good to make ultimatums if you don't give all teachers the tools they need to achieve them.