Tuesday, December 16, 2008

UC Davis Full of Crap (literally)

Egrets are part of nature, and they want to hang out in an oak grove at the University of California, Davis. However, their large amounts of "guano" put the oaks at risk, so Davis is trying several things to keep them away--including lasers.

So if it comes down to birds vs. trees, we must side with the trees. Got it.


Ellen K said...

Rice University in Houston used to have a similar problem with grackles. There were huge oak trees that went around the central campus and the grackles took them over. To walk under the trees was to risk having droppings drop on your head. Knowing campus residents took umbrellas. I don't know if the oaks are there still, but I remember them back a few years. It was a mess.

rightwingprof said...

Trees are more oppressed, so they have more proxy votes.

Anonymous said...

Davis is cool!