Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eating for $1 a Day Each

Two high school teachers survive a month eating for $1 a day. What I found most interesting was the fact that they couldn't afford fresh fruits and vegetables!

The guy lost 14 pounds, so perhaps I should consider trying this! I'm not liking the thought of being tired, groggy, and cranky, though!

I've got to say, the couple looks kinda "granola", if you know what I mean, but they come across well. Go watch the news clip!


Erica said...

I calculated out once what I spend per day on food: Buying in bulk I pay about $3.

And that includes meats and fresh produce and the odd bottle of wine.

Can be done, easily. (*cough, cough, welfare people, cough*)

Rose said...

People who "can't afford" fruits and veggies need to get outside and start planting. No space, no problem, lots of things grow fine in pots. It is possible to eat very well on a small budget, but you might need to work at it--but it is definitely more cost effective to take care of your body with good nutrition.