Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cool Use For Texting

Via USAToday:

During the Redskins' 23-6 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 3 at FedEx Field just outside Washington, Cable says, an obnoxious Steelers fan kept waving a "Terrible Towel" in the 47-year-old Cable's face and screaming, "Redskins suck!"

Rather than escalate the confrontation, the Lusby, Md., resident quietly sent a text message to the stadium's security command center. Security people responded quickly. When the Steelers fan gave them a hard time, he was ejected.

"It worked great," Cable says.

It also reflected how fans are embracing new text-messaging systems that allow fans in NFL stadiums to inconspicuously report unruly neighbors without confronting them, a provocative tactic many of the league's 32 teams are using to enforce the conduct code announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Aug. 5.

Some worry about the Orwellian implications of this technique:

Nick Gillespie, editor of the libertarian video site, is "worried about overzealous enforcement on the part of security." Fans snitching on each other only adds to the "surveillance state that's America," he says.

This is a ridiculous complaint. No one is entitled to privacy while misbehaving in a public place. Additionally, upon receiving complaints, security watches the reported person from a discreet distance to observe the reported behavior for themselves before addressing the unruly fan. If they need to take action, they do. If not, "no harm, no foul."


Rhymes With Right said...

We've been using this feature this season here in Houston at Texans games. it is great for getting help moving inconsiderate folks from behind my wife's wheelchair in the handicapped section. It seems that some folks (especially drunks, but not exclusively) believe that the handles on my wife's chair are there to support them during big plays -- and that moving to allow her to go to the bathroom is an unreasonable request. We manage to get help there really quickly -- something not always the case when I had to go hunting for someone to assist.

Darren said...

Sad that people behave this way.

DADvocate said...

The Cincinnati Bengals have a similar system in place at Paul Brown Stadium. The regularly display the number to text on the giant video/scoreboards behind each end zone. Fans in Cincinnati tend to behave for whatever reason. The other day a Cincinnati sports radio talk show host was bragging about how many fewer fans are ejected from Paul Brown Stadium than at the Cleveland and Pittsburgh stadiums.

Donalbain said...

Thrown out for chanting that the other team sucks?

Note to self: Don't go to an American Football game next time you are in the States. :)

Darren said...

No, you get thrown out for harassing other fans.

Note to Donalbain: please don't come to "the States", stay home and cheer for Manchester United or whoever.