Saturday, October 25, 2008

When Party Bosses Steal An Election

The following was sent to me by a reader whose veracity I do not question:

Here in Clarksville, Tennessee, we have as our State Senator, Rosalind Kurita, a Democrat (well, former, and you'll see why). Last year she royally pissed off the Democratic Party here in Tennessee, by doing what was best for the State, not the party, when she was the deciding vote to replace Senate Speaker John S. Wilder (D) with Ron Ramsey (R). I think Wilder has been in the Senate since the Reconstruction and he's a poster child for term limits. The man would babble on about space ships and all sorts of crazy nonsense.

This past primary season she had a challenger, Tim Barnes, who was supported heavily by the party bosses here in the State.

Kurita won by 19 votes.

The Democratic Party decided to toss out the election and put Barnes in as their candidate for the general election. Why? Because Kurita made them mad, she won't toe the party line, and they wanted things their own way.

Unfortunately the Republicans didn't have a soul running in this race (which, in itself, is a crime), so that meant that the candidate of the Democratic Party, Tim Barnes, would win by default as he's unopposed.

And he wasn't elected by the people. He was selected by the Democratic Party so he represents the party. After all, who's he beholden too?

Kurita got mad, and launched a write-in campaign. She has a good chance of winning because she'll get her original voters, plus nearly every Independent and Republican I know is writing her in because they don't want the Dem's Boy to be our Senator.

I went and early voted Thursday and ran in to her. I introduced myself and told her I was a rock solid Conservative Republican but I wrote her name in because I'd be damned if I was going to let the Democratic Party Bosses chose my senator.

She said if it made me feel in better, she's now an Independent and "I'm never going back to that party. Never. And all because I wouldn't sit there and say "yes sir", when they wanted me to."

I still can't believe they're actually trying to get away with this.

I can believe it, and it scares me.


Ellen K said...

This is what is coming. Watch for witch hunts designed to get long term conservatives from both sides of the aisle out of office only to have them replaced by handpicked stooges of the Left. Just look at the way Huffington cranks out disinformation and the media puts it out like Gospel truth. I warn you, our freedoms are on the line here. This is far more serious than most folks want to believe.

Law and Order Teacher said...

We are in the middle of a take over of our country by people who want to gain power at all costs. They don't care for anything but gaining power and imposing their agenda. This is just the beginning. The Fairness Doctrine and the Union check-off are but two of the examples. They are very good at squelching any type of dissent. Kennedy was killed by LHO, we went to the moon, and 911 wasn't an inside job. Just a check.

Anonymous said...

expain 2 things to me. how could the party bossess toss out the election resuts? and how could there be no Repubicans?

Darren said...

I asked this of my correspondent and it was explained to me. Wikipedia has a fairly good explanation of it:

As for why no Republicans ran, I assume it's a heavily Democratic district where no Republican would want to put forth the money and effort for a sure defeat.