Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's The Point Of Retiring?

From the major Sacramento newspaper:

Last year, 26,000 of the state's retired teachers returned to the classroom – about 14 percent of the more than 180,000.

Area retired teachers say they've returned to work because they miss the kids. But many also say they need to boost their retirement income.

If the cost of living gets too high, perhaps they could try living in the building shown in the 2nd picture of this post. (I was downtown yesterday--it looks completed, at least from the outside.)

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Anonymous said...

We have about 3 teachers who 'retired', and yet are back part time this year. They did it for several reasons:

1) A very nice golden handshake from the district.

2) Declining enrollment meant we needed to cut back on the number of teachers we had

3) It actually saves the school money.

They teach 2-3 classes a day, instead of a full day.